Salusfin User Guides and Manuals

Video Guides

Salusfin Solution Layers

Quick guide

Gateway WiFi installation

User account registration

PIN code installation/Temperature sensors installation

Thermostat installation

Control center / Cloud

Manual thermostat control

Mobile application

Central Thermostat installation

Central Thermostat, relay

Power reader

Door/window sensor

Smart plug

Flood sensor

Smoke sensor

Motion sensor

User Guides

Customer account creation

Gateway lite Installation

Kit Installation with Pincode

Stand Alone Installation

Control centre User Guide

Mobile App User Guide

Guide for residential buildings – heating

Technical Manuals

Salusfin Door Sensor User Manual SF-9400

Salusfin Smoke Detector User Manual  SF-9740

Salusfin Camera User Manual SF 81

Salusfin Thermostat User Manual SF-500

Salusfin Smart Plug User Manual SF-9300

Salusfin Motion Sensor User Manual  SF-9250

Salusfin Flood Sensor User Manual SF-9760

Salusfin Central Thermostat+Relay SF-4022

Manuals from manufacturers

SF 500 Danfoss-thermostat

SF-4220-EU Temperature sensor/Door,window sensor

 Manuals for certified electricians

Central thermostat SF-4022-EU and Connection diagram

Central thermostat, relay SF-4123-EU

Outdoor switch, SF-5500-EU

Outdoor switch, Connection diagram, SF-5500-EU

Heavy duty switch, SF-5800-EU