Salusfin Ltd is a technology provider of Energy management and Security solutions.

Our solutions enable increased energy efficiency and comfort, giving you the visibility and control to your building / home from your browser / smartphone from anywhere.

The solution is wireless, suitable for existing and new building / home. Highly flexible and user friendly solution, can be controlled conveniently from your smartphone.

We respect the privacy of our customers and our solution has strong built-in security features.


Salusfin offers


Energy Management

Salusfin Energy Solution provides new possibilities for smart buildings, controlling electric and water central heating, maximizing living comfort and saving energy. Get control of your building / home electronic appliances. For instance, you could drop the temperature of your building / home at night or when not at home.


Safety and Security of home

Salusfin offers simple, customizable solution that provides safety and security and lets you to check in on things at building / home with just one click. Three-level access control of the door / window sensors, motion sensor and video camera. Get alerts in case of smoke and water leak on your smart phone.


E-vehicle smart charging

You can manage vehicle charging time and rates in a more efficient way, utilizing lowest electricity rate hours. Enjoy lower cost per kilometer by using Salusfin solution.


Demand Response

Salusfin provides technology platform for the building owners, energy suppliers and customers co-operation to save energy and lower emissions.



Futuristic building / home with Salusfin



Better ways to save on Energy

Schedule and optimize central heating based on water circulation or direct electricity to follow you daily or weekly rhythm.



Make your building / home smarter

Salusfin Security and Safety devices make it easy to check in on things at home from anywhere, using your smartphone.



Save Money and Increase Convenience

Adjust your home temperature to your needs and enjoy savings. Your activities have effect on emissions.



Experience the future of technology with Salusfin

The future is completely accessible with Salusfin solution. New interesting features on the way.