Core capabilities


Capability to control different heating solutions, electricity, water circulation or boiler based and electrical devices and appliances.

Two way integration to different building management systems e.g. control ventilation as a function of electricity price and air quality.

In short:


  • Ventilation/AC/Chillers
  • BMS controlled

Consumer grade

  • Heating: electric, district heating, gas
  • Electrical appliances e.g. boilers


  • Profile / Schedule / Air quality / Ranges
  • Electricity price, spot
  • Machine learning / Optimization
  • Demand-Response


Number of environmental sensors:

  • Temperature (indoor/outdoor), humidity
  • Smoke, water leak, air pressure
  • PM2.5, VOC, CO2
  • Two wireless technologies in use: zwave and LoRa


Capability to read several consumption meters on electricity, water, gas or district heating and supporting several communication protocols

Electricity, water, gas

  • total consumption, momentary consumption and multiple tariffs

District heating:

  • In/out temp, flow, MWh

Local production: solar, wind

Real time data


Flexible web based reporting on transaction data:

Transaction data / Time series


Customer / User / Function specific dashboards

Open API architecture