Demand Response


Salusfin’s Demand Response Service for Energy utility companies, allows the utility company based on agreement with consumer to temporarily adjust the consumer’s energy use without affecting living comfort.

Salusfin Demand Response utilizes building thermal storage capacity.

The goal is to affect consumption peaks and try to shift consumption to periods of lower consumption.

Demand Response approach has positive environmental impact, production peaks rapidly increse emissions.


What Demand Response means in practice

  • Momentarily adjusting energy usage down or up to balance fluctuations
  • The agreement defines boundaries of allowed adjustments
  • The buildings thermal storage capacity is used to balance ambient temperature changes
  • The service is transparent to the consumer

Consumer’s benefits

  • Energy is consumed at lower price points and energy usage is optimized
  • The utility company can compensate the consumer for participating in Demand Response service

Energy utility company benefits

  • More balanced consumption and optimization of production capacity
  • Positive environmental impact