Salusfin 10 years

Our company, Salusfin is now turning 10 years! , we’re proud to have come this far.

With a strong and committed team, we’ve managed to navigate through some times rocky waters. From the start, we’ve been passionate about the environment, green energy efficiency and technologies. Our customer base, co-operation projects and partnerships promise well for the future.

During the past years, we’ve worked with customers and partners to provide unique & integrated solutions within Energy, Security and IoT.

Here’s to another decade of innovation and growth! 🥂

Tokyo and City.Tech 2023

Hello Japan

We are grateful to have been able to join the visit arranged by our business accelerator Euroscalers led by Rasmus Basillier.

At City Tech Tokyo, team Espoo with Enter Espoo, with VTT, Smart City Innovation cluster and other invited guests and companies did a great job in connecting Finnish companies and startups to the world and especially for opportunities in Tokyo.

In addition of hearing brilliant entrepreneurs and startups the hospitality program arranged by the City of Tokyo was truly a remarkable experience.

From learning about Earthquake resistant buildings by visiting Tokyo Skytree, to hear and see and visit the water purification plant and sewer services.

The visit to the startup village Cambridge Innovation center CIC at Toranomon Hills in downtown Tokyo provided an idea on how the startup scene evolves and is supported in Tokyo.

Knigths of Nordics event!

What a nice evening at “The house of nobility” in Helsinki, super interesting program and motivating and giving speaches by entreprenuers from all over the world. I learned a lot and got many new contacts both from investor and city side but also connected to many other startups and got to share experiences and insights between entrepreneurs. Thank you all for arranging this program, till next time 🙂 #startups #knightsofnordics #event #enterespoo #salusfin

Listing on

This year Salusfin was chosen to be part of the European innovative company listing on the EU/UK’s portal Salusfin is one of the listed “101 Top Information Services Startups and Companies in Finland (2021)”.

“This article showcases our top picks for the best Finland based Information Services companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Information Services industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.”

Follow this link to see more:

Energy Growth Lab

Salusfin takes part in Energy Growth Lab by Epicenter and Smart Otaniemi!
Energy Growth Lab is a 5-week growth program created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. A EU funded growth project is a program that aims to generate new business activities in city regions and support growth oriented companies to better access networks and innovation ecosystems that support their needs.
Looking forward to a great series of events!

The team

I’m so proud of this inspiring dreamteam! Rado and Smitha are working together bringing up new ideas and improving earlier tested ones.
Thank you Digita for the support on LoRa. LOP Kiinteistöt-thank you also for this awesome office space!
In the background you can see our reporting portal presenting data from the monitored buildings, where the easily deployable sensor solution is helping our customers to realize the possibilities.
Last but not least, here is a picture from todays SCRUM meeting-where we are working on a digitalization project for our client. #innovation #iot #espoo #salusfin #digita #lop #lora

Work and fun combined!

As part of the Horizon2020 project where we work on EV charging, we got the opportunity to test-drive the new ID.3 1ST from Volkswagen.
ID.3 runs smoothly through the city, and the range is an impressive 425km (wltp), – which is enough even for getting to the more long-distance places, before it is time to re-charge.
In order to save money I will re-charge the battery, using charging optimization provided by Salusfin. Here we are testing the charger by go-e.
Thanks for letting me take this opportunity to test drive the new EV from Volkswagen in the beautiful warm autumn weather!
#salusfin #evcharging #iot #mySMARTLife