P. Scheduling / Vacation

Scheduling works on thermostats, relays and smart plugs.

In ControlCenter Control section select the applicable component and the calendar icon on components lower left corner.

Select day and time, where you want to start the scheduling by clicking the time. In a window adjust start and end time and temperature (temperature in thermostats only). Continue to other days. You can adjust the default temperature outside the scheduling from top right corner.

An easy way to start the scheduling is to Load Default schedule and adjust it where needed.

Vacation mode: Activate the vacation mode and select start and end dates and times. Note: if vacation time is in the future, you will see the activation time in calendar icons. You can also select the vacation temperature (thermostat).

For relays and smart plugs you can select default value: on/off and in scheduling you can activate or deactivating the function.

O. How to turn on alarms

In mobile app, press the lock icon (upper right corner). When lock is closed, the alarms are on (sensors are armed).

Note1. Smoke and Flood sensors need to be armed once (lock open=>closed). After this the sensors are always armed.

Note2. After alarm there is a cooling period of 3-10 minutes. During this period no new alarms are sent. After cooling period, the sensors are automatically armed.

N. Not getting notifications on Android-phone

Optimization (=Doze) puts Android phone in deep sleep and apps don’t get notifications e.g. alarms.

On stock Android

  1. Settings
  2. Battery
  3. Three dots (upper right corner)
  4. Battery optimization
  5. Click Not optimized and select All apps
  6. Scroll down and select Salusfin
  7. Select Don’t optimize and Done


On Samsung phone

  1. Settings
  2. Device maintenance
  3. Battery
  4. Unmonitored apps
  5. +sign, Add apps
  6. Select Salusfin, click Done


A. Where can I download Salusfin’s APP?

You can download Salusfin APP from iOS or Android stores or use the QR codes below.

iOS                                                  Android



H. What are the supported platforms for the Salusfin APP?

The APPs are built for iOS and Android. iPhone 4 (iOS 7) and newer and for Android version (4.4) and newer.

Unofficial Android versions are not necessarily fully supported.

Some firewall and virus protection software can stop APP from functioning.

D. Security code? Why does it appear?

Upon first login you are asked to set a security code for your APP in order to restrict access to the APP in case you leave your phone unlocked. If you don’t want to secure the APP you can at this step click “Skip” and you will be taken straight into the view of your devices.

You can later in the Settings menu enable/disable and change security code if needed.

You can secure the whole APP or the video streaming (if you have Salusfin videocamera).

You can change the security code time out period in Settings.

F. What’s in Settings option under the APP?

Under Settings (three stripes on upper left corner of the APP) you can modify/see various functions such as the security code, energy cost, appearance of the APP, how the device view is sorted (drag and drop) and About section with version details and links to EULA.

E. Help, I forgot the security code?

If you have forgotten or lost your security code you can request a new one from the security code screen “Forgot security code”. Seuraavalla näytöllä sinulta pyydetään käyttäjatunnuksiasi (sähköpostiosoite ja salasana).