1. Control Center Service

A. How do I log in to the cloud service?

In a web browser, go to https://control.salusfin.com/ and sign in with your credentials (email address and password)

2. Installation

A. How do I install a gateway?

Turn on the router (insert it into the USB connector (correct direction) and check, the blue light will turn on for about two seconds and shut off).

Check that you have wireless network credentials available.

From the e.g. laptop screen (bottom right), select a wireless network, the name starts with NQ
Open the web browser and enter address in the address field
Select your wireless home network, enter the credentials and press Save
=> The LED lights up in blue

For more information, see our User’s Guide on our homepage

B. How install components

Please refer to

Salusfin User Guides and Manuals

for detailed instruction on PIN-code installation (installing a prebundeled set) or installing individual components (Standalone installation).

3. Components

A. Smartplug? What can I use this one for?

The Smartplug is a smart device that will let you to turn on and off the power of your connected devices. In addition you can see the power consumption of the device connected.

For more information kindly read our instructions.

B. The LED indicator on the Smartplug is blinking what does that mean?

If the LED flashes in the Smart Plug, it is not connected to the router.

Refer to the instructions for connecting / pairing components to the router / network.

C. How to attach the Door sensor?

During the installation process, you will find detailed instructions for each step of the installation.

You can fasten the Door / Window Switch and its magnet piece with the supplied screws or double-sided adhesive tape. Note the mark on the side of the sensor for the magnetic piece. The magnet should be 2-4 mm from the sensor when the door / window is closed.

Test the function: The LED flashes when you open the door / window.

D. How long does the battery last on Door sensor?

It depends on where it is located (distance from router), and how often it will be waken up. Based on manufacturer information the battery under normal usage should last 1 year.

E. Gateway LED indicator

LED indicator on gateway provides information about different modes of operation. Patterns that can be observed are:

LED solid patterns:

  • Solid blue -> all OK – gateway is connected through Wi-Fi
  • Solid red -> network problem (the gateway could not connect to the router, was disconnected from the router or cannot reach the communication server through that router or incorrect Wi-Fi password was entered during installation)

LED blinking patterns:

  • Blinks blue once and after that LED is off -> gateway is in access point mode (typically during installation or Wi-Fi reconfiguration).
  • Blinks blue every 3 seconds -> gateway is working properly and is connected to the router (valid for gateways with 2xx firmware)
  • Blinks green -> gateway is communicating with components on Z-Wave network
  • Blinks blue every second -> gateway is downloading a new firmware
  • Toggles between bright blue and dimmed blue -> gateway is decrypting downloaded firmware
  • Blinks blue very fast (every 250 ms) -> gateway is updating firmware
  • Blinks red -> gateway indicates serious issue – hardware or software problem
  • Toggles between red and blue -> gateway attempts to re-connect to Wi-Fi after network problem

In problem situation re-start gateway. If the problem persists, contact support

F. Danfoss Living connect Z-thermostat functions

Arrow down: temperature down

Arrow up: temperature up


NOTE: Thermostat can be installed only when M-figure is blinking on the screen

  • Long press (~4-5 sec => M-figure in display), short press (first screen goes black, then blinking M-figure)
  • => piston is pulled in and thermostat can be installed
  • Once installed, Long press (~4-5 sec) => thermostat measures valve min/max positions, after couple of seconds temperature value is visible
  • Thermostat is in operation

The first 1-7 days after installation the Living connect® Z is in a learning period where it will optimize the heat control of the room.

When voltage is getting low, the user interface will start blinking, indicating battery change. Standard AA-batteries are used.

NOTE: When changing batteries, pay attention on correct battery direction in chamber.

For full instructions, check our website: Manuals from manufacturers


4. Device and App Usage

A. Where can I download Salusfin’s APP?

You can download Salusfin APP from iOS or Android stores or use the QR codes below.

iOS                                                  Android



B. Do I need to make any changes to the APP when adding more devices?

The APP keeps track dynamically of what has been added at Salusfin Control Center

C. How to add devices to the favourite tab?

On the Home tab you select the device you want to add to Favourites by holding the finger on the device icon for two-three seconds and from the menu that appears select “Add to favourites”. Similar way you can remove icons from Favorites.

D. Security code? Why does it appear?

Upon first login you are asked to set a security code for your APP in order to restrict access to the APP in case you leave your phone unlocked. If you don’t want to secure the APP you can at this step click “Skip” and you will be taken straight into the view of your devices.

You can later in the Settings menu enable/disable and change security code if needed.

You can secure the whole APP or the video streaming (if you have Salusfin videocamera).

You can change the security code time out period in Settings.

E. Help, I forgot the security code?

If you have forgotten or lost your security code you can request a new one from the security code screen “Forgot security code”. Seuraavalla näytöllä sinulta pyydetään käyttäjatunnuksiasi (sähköpostiosoite ja salasana).

F. What’s in Settings option under the APP?

Under Settings (three stripes on upper left corner of the APP) you can modify/see various functions such as the security code, energy cost, appearance of the APP, how the device view is sorted (drag and drop) and About section with version details and links to EULA.

G. Energy cost in Settings, what is that needed for?

In Salusfin Control Center under Settings you can define the currency and cost of your energy per kWh / m3. This information is show in APP / Settings and used if you have a Power Reader installed.

H. What are the supported platforms for the Salusfin APP?

The APPs are built for iOS and Android. iPhone 4 (iOS 7) and newer and for Android version (4.4) and newer.

Unofficial Android versions are not necessarily fully supported.

Some firewall and virus protection software can stop APP from functioning.

I. What are tasks used for?

Tasks are used to automate scenes. Ensure the house is in unlock status when using Tasks. If user wants to use normal unlock and lock features, the tasks Holiday off must be active first.

J. Wake up Task. when should this be used and what will it do?

Wake up task will turn on all smartplugs and disarm all security sensors, except Smoke and Flood sensors  as that is always armed.

K. Holiday On Task. when should this be used and for what purpose?

Holiday on allows the system to put the home in standby mode. It will arm all security sensors and turn off all smartplugs.

L. Task, Holiday Off

Holiday off takes the house back to normal usage and you as the user can use the lock and unlock functionality

M. Task, Bedtime when should this be used and what will it do?

Bedtime task will turn off all smartplugs and arm all door – window sensors. Motion sensors will not be activated.

Smoke and Flood sensors are always activated.

N. Not getting notifications on Android-phone

Optimization (=Doze) puts Android phone in deep sleep and apps don’t get notifications e.g. alarms.

On stock Android

  1. Settings
  2. Battery
  3. Three dots (upper right corner)
  4. Battery optimization
  5. Click Not optimized and select All apps
  6. Scroll down and select Salusfin
  7. Select Don’t optimize and Done


On Samsung phone

  1. Settings
  2. Device maintenance
  3. Battery
  4. Unmonitored apps
  5. +sign, Add apps
  6. Select Salusfin, click Done


5. Others

A. What are the benefits of Salusfin E-Vehicle charging?

Salusfin helps you to utilize an effective charging solution scheduled to lowest electricity rate hours, thus giving you lower usage cost per kilometre.