A. How do I install a gateway / you have changed internet router?

Turn on the router (insert it into the USB connector (correct direction) and check, the blue light will turn on for about two seconds and shut off).

Check that you have wireless network credentials available.

From the e.g. laptop screen (bottom right), select a wireless network, the name starts with NQ
Open the web browser and enter address in the address field
Select your wireless home network, enter the credentials and press Save
=> The LED lights up in blue

For more information, see our User’s Guide on our homepage

Note: Gateway supports wi-fi routers channels 1-9 and frequency 2.4 GHz, check wi-fi routers setup. We have seen compatibility issues with gateway and wi-fi routers by Apple.


In case you have changed internet router, go to section 3.G to reset gateway settings and then return to 2.A.