G. Gateway Led is red


*After gateway installation, did you get notification, that installation was successful

*Was the gateway led blue after installation (continuously)

*Have you changed internet router password lately

*Is your internet router using channels 1-9 (=supported channels)

*Is your internet router using frequency 2.4GHz or 5Ghz (2.4GHz is supported)


Actions, in case internet router password on gateway was incorrect / you have changed internet router:

*Unplug the gateway, push the button and keep it pushed, plug the gateway, release the button after couple of seconds

*The led is turned off,  gateway network configuration is cleared

*Install the gateway again =>Led turns blue

*Continue installing other components


Action, other cases

*Check home router configuration


In case you have changed internet router and reset the gateway settings according to instructions above, please return to section 2.A.