E. Gateway LED indicator

LED indicator on gateway provides information about different modes of operation. Patterns that can be observed are:

LED solid patterns:

  • Solid blue -> all OK – gateway is connected through Wi-Fi
  • Solid red -> network problem (the gateway could not connect to the router, was disconnected from the router or cannot reach the communication server through that router or incorrect Wi-Fi password was entered during installation)

LED blinking patterns:

  • Blinks blue once and after that LED is off -> gateway is in access point mode (typically during installation or Wi-Fi reconfiguration).
  • Blinks blue every 3 seconds -> gateway is working properly and is connected to the router (valid for gateways with 2xx firmware)
  • Blinks green -> gateway is communicating with components on Z-Wave network
  • Blinks blue every second -> gateway is downloading a new firmware
  • Toggles between bright blue and dimmed blue -> gateway is decrypting downloaded firmware
  • Blinks blue very fast (every 250 ms) -> gateway is updating firmware
  • Blinks red -> gateway indicates serious issue – hardware or software problem
  • Toggles between red and blue -> gateway attempts to re-connect to Wi-Fi after network problem

In problem situation re-start gateway. If the problem persists, contact support