B. Central thermostat / Spot-price control

Set point on Central thermostat is adjusted:

  • 1 degree down during N highest spot price hours
  • 1 degree up during M lowest spot price hours

Adjusting the temperature settings from thermostat calendar icon:

Alternative 1.

  • Set default temperature. Default temperature is used outside scheduled periods
  • Create scheduling with temperatures for desired week days. You can use Default schedule Load-feature

Alternative 2.

  • Set default temperature
  • Create at least one schedule point (e.g. 1 hour) with temperature setting
  • Schedule point temperature and default temperature can be the same

You can change schedules / temperature setting from browser at any time. You can use browser on mobile device.

You can see the set point from mobile client.

Vacation mode overrides spot price control. When vacation mode ends, spot price control will continue.

Spot price control will override temperature setting changes from mobile client.