Year 2016

The energy solution is expanded with the “Demand Response” concept. The Energy Companies can regulate the use of energy in the consumer’s environment within the framework of the agreement without sacrificing the standard of living.

Andon Quality System Implementation for the Automation Platform.

In December 2016, EU project mySMARTLife began with the Lighthouses in Hamburg, Nantes and Helsinki. The project has a total of 27 parties. Salusfin’s share of the project involves the demand management of heat and personal smart electric car charging system. The temperature management by our demand response solution will be installed in 12 apartment buildings in Helsinki.

Year 2015

India and China in focus. Started marketing in various regions of India and the first reselling started in Chennai.

Energy saving solution for the automation platform initiated.

Salusfin is now a part of the Cleantech Finland partnership

Cleantech is one of the most rapidly growing business sectors in Finland and in the Western countries in general, and this state of affairs is not likely to change any time soon.

Salusfin is in the partnership of the Cleantech consortium (clean + technology) which refers to technology, services, solutions, process innovations or products that help reduce the environmental load caused by human activity, to save energy and natural resources and to improve the living environment, which in turn can also save our users money. Salusfin and Cleantech business can solve economic, ecologic and social challenges. We define the phrase ‘less is more’. The Partnership benefits portfolio include using energy and raw materials more efficiently, and make economic sense.

Tekes R & D project

With the R & D loan, the actual product development is started.

The goal is to create a three-level architecture: The Home Area Network (HAN), cloud computing and UI, with web and mobile clients.

Sales companies are established in Germany, India and USA.

First patent applications are in process.

After the project in 2015, sales and security services will be started.


Tekes Tempo-project

The initial capital of the company came from shareholders and Nokia.

In the next phase, the Tekes Tempo application and project start at later part of the year 2013-14.

The goal is to achieve MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

The MVP was piloted in Bangalore, India, in spring 2014 and customer feedback was positive.