Security and Safety


Keep your building / home safe with a wide variety of Salusfin components.
From Security cameras that keep an eye on the inside or outside of your building / home, to motion sensors, smoke sensors and Door/Window sensors and much more.



Secure access point creating wireless network

Video Camera

Streaming video camera

Door and Window Sensor

For both doors and windows that show open and closed

Smart Plug

You control whatever is plugged into it

Motion Sensor & Thermometer

Will detect motion/ movements as well as room temperature

Additional Hardware Available

• Smoke detector
• Electricity / Gas / Water meter
• Siren
• Smart Thermostat
• And more…

Safer building / Home

Salusfin Sensors ensure that the home is always safe. Make your home safer, more comfortable and energy-efficient. Saves your time and handles tasks, allowing you to enjoy safety of your home.

Simple Control

Salusfin provides easy installation and usage is as easy as using your smart phone.

Salusfin Security and Safety

View live stream from security camera on your mobile device, take command of your home, whether you are downstairs or downtown. Smoke or water leak alarms are delivered to your smart phone.

Home care

Salusfin ensures your family feel safe in the house. Get notification to your mobile if door opens, see if there is movement, monitor power consumption and view live feeds from security camera.


Distinctive features of Salusfin

  • Energy-saving innovations
  • Video surveillance
  • Real-time warnings / notifications
  • Remote control via smart devices

Salusfin Security and Privacy

Salusfin solution and products are user friendly and designed with security in mind. Communication between components, cloud and mobile application is encrypted and access to customer data is safeguarded. Salusfin respect your privacy and we do not disclose your information to third parties without your permission